Travel and Watch Fantastic Football in Liverpool

When you are in England, football and travel are two things you will probably enjoy most. For football fans, schedules are always busy as there are plenty of matches taking place every week. Local fans as well international fans will be visiting different stadiums across different cities to watch their favourite teams play.

Football Fever

Liverpool is home of two top tier English football teams: Liverpool and Everton. You will be surprised to know that Goodison Park, Everton’s home ground, has hosted the most top-flight games in England. The stadium has been the top attraction spot alongside Anfield for international visitors.

Surely, there’s no better feeling than enthusiastically backing your favourite team in a home game. Check out the Premier League fixtures and city guide to get the best of your time in Liverpool. The next spot for football fans, Anfield, is situated 1.2 miles South of Goodison Park.

What else to do?

When you are off the game, there are plenty of attractions in Liverpool for sightseeing. Known for its dignified buildings and glistening streets, the city almost appears to have emerged from a Victorian novel. The cultural capital of Europe offers a wonderful exhibition of art galleries, listed buildings and national museums.