Tourism in England

Welcome to our website. If you are planning to take a holiday in England, then look no further, you have come to the right place. All you will need to make plans for your holiday can be conveniently found here. While a holiday in England promises amazing experiences, knowing the exact places to visit in the different regions and cities in England can be a challenging task. Our website promises to make this task easier for you. You will find useful information here about tourist sites in and around our major cities as well as useful information about travel, accommodation, and food.

What to do in England

In this site, you will find information on some of the most popular tourist sites in England as well as some less well-known places that are worth a visit. London is the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom, and it boasts a range of fascinating attractions, museums and art galleries. But don’t neglect the other parts of the country. Thinking of a romantic city break or a family holiday in an area of outstanding natural beauty? Would you like to try a walking holiday or some adventure sports? Whatever your inclination, you will find plenty of useful information on our site.

Travel, Accommodation and Food

Travelling around England is easy. Take the train or bus to major destinations, or hire a car and explore the country using the extensive road network. Have a look at our accommodation pages for recommendations on where to stay. We offer suggestions to suit all budgets, ranging from the most economical campsites to the plushest of 5-star hotels. Let’s not forget about food and drink. For a truly English experience, pop into a local pub for a beer, or try some fish and chips at the seaside. Check out our site for suggestions of where to go and what to do and have a great holiday!